As a Registered Training Organisation, the AMCA offers a range of accredited and industry best practice training designed specifically for companies operating in the commercial HVAC industry.  

These include:

  • Accredited qualifications delivered under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Individual accredited Units of Competency
  • Short courses
  • Workshops
  • Online training modules
For more information please contact the AMCA Training Department.

Accredited Qualifications

The AMCA delivers Accredited Qualifications in Project Management and Engineering Drafting. These qualifications have been tailored to meet the specific knowledge and skill needs of our members and use a training delivery approach that allows students to apply their learnings in the workplace as they progress through the program.

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Industry Short Courses

Our program of Industry Short Courses has been designed to ensure that our members have access to a range of training and education opportunities covering both technical and business skills.   

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