Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services offers a exciting and dynamic career path in one of Australia's largest industries. 

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) is a significant industry, contributing approximately $7.8 billion to the Australian economy annually. It consists of over 6,400 businesses employing over 18,900 people, and presents exciting opportunities for those seeking to be at the cutting edge of technology and building innovation. 

Specialist Occupations in the HVAC Industry

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry offers a diverse range of specialist occupations to suit different working styles and preferences. This includes roles in engineering design and drafting, fabrication and installation, service and maintenance, and commissioning.

Whatever your desired skill set, personality type or working preference, a specialist occupation in the HVAC industry can lead to an exciting and rewarding career.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technicians
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technicians are responsible for the service, repair and maintenance of industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration, air conditioning and mechanical services systems. These systems are found in commercial premises, factories, office buildings, hospitals, sporting facilities, data centres and others. Therefore, service technicians enjoy opportunities to work and interact with a wide range of people in a diverse locations.
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Mechanical Draftsperson
Mechanical Drafting personnel use sophisticated software and other digital technologies to design, document and model HVAC systems so that they may be fabricated and constructed onsite. In addition to working in the digital environment, a draftsperson can expect to develop relationships with engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, onsite personnel, project managers and others. 
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Mechanical Services Plumbers
Mechanical Services Plumbers are responsible for the installation of mechanical services plant and equipment. This equipment may be used for heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) in industrial and commercial buildings. Mechanical Plumbers typically work in project teams and on building sites, and enjoy performing various problem solving and technical skills.
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Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the functional design of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. These designs must provide heating, cooling and indoor air quality that meet client expectations, whilst ensuring compliance with a variety of building standards and regulatory requirements. Mechanical Engineers also play an important role in ensuring that buildings are energy efficient and protect the health and safety of all building occupants.
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