Validate the Installation of Fire and Smoke Dampers

According to state regulations, work undertaken on essential fire safety measures must be carried out by a sufficiently qualified or competent person both through the installation phase and then post occupation.

This course gives participants an advanced understanding of Acts, Standards, Regulations, industry best practice and compliance obligations relating to work on essential fire safety measures.

We are now offering this course in all states (subject to minimum participation numbers being met).

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Install Fire, Smoke and Air Dampers

PILOT PROGRAM: Install Fire, Smoke & Air Dampers is a specialised short course that addresses industry concerns regarding the quality of installation and associated risks related to fire and smoke dampers.

This comprehensive training program provides HVAC professionals with the knowledge to ensure proper installation practices, adhere to safety standards, address potential fire risks thought to impact many ventilation systems where an installation has not complied with manufacturers’ installation guidelines, and mitigate potential hazards. 

Dates announced soon - email AMCA Training for more details.