As part of our policy and advocacy activities, the AMCA aims to deliver sophisticated insights into the needs and challenges faced by our members.

This enables us to provide credible, high-quality policy advice to government supported by expert knowledge and evidence where possible.

Our Publication

Survive and Prosper

The aim of this research study is to better understand the unique challenges being faced by AMCA members when operating in Australia’s commercial HVAC industry. The study also aims to provide members with actionable strategies and recommendations to help them survive and prosper in such a competitive marketplace.

Given these objectives, the following research questions were posed for consideration:

  • What are the primary threats to pro tability for specialist contactors operating in Australia’s commercial HVAC industry?
  • What are the underlying causes behind these threats?
  • Which of these threats and challenges are likely to persist over the coming 12 months?
  • What strategies and actions can members take to tackle these challenges?
  • What is the role of the AMCA in supporting its members?


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AMCA Policy Platform

The AMCA’s Policy Platform 2016 identifies five policy priorities that must be advanced if the building and construction industry is to meaningfully participate in the ideas boom, helping Australia to meet upcoming challenges in the process.

These priorities are:

  • Rethinking models of procurement and fairer contracts
  • Unlocking the innovative potential of building information modelling
  • Empowering the built environment to deliver net zero emitting buildings
  • A more dynamic VET system with industry at its centre
  • Safer, healthier and more productive workplaces


 Download Submission (PDF Document)