NSW reforms: Regulation of prefabricated building work

12 February 2023

AMCA Australia has made a submission to the NSW Government regarding the regulation of prefabricated building work.

The review of NSW building laws is the most comprehensive reform process in decades. It represents a wholesale rewrite of the regulatory landscape, involving a root-and-branch review of licensing and regulation requirements across a range of disciplines. 

The reform consultation process will take place over several phases and numerous months. 

As part of that process, AMCA Australia has made several submissions to represent the needs of members. We will keep you informed of future submissions, as well as asking for your input to ensure we address your reform wish list.

As always, please let me know if we can be of any help.


Ben Hawkins 

Regulation of prefabricated building work


The government is proposing to regulate prefabricated building work as follows:

  • Capture prefabrication within the definition of building work
  • Introduce standardised licensing for designers and constructors
  • Create a certification process for prefabricated building work
  • Ensure a chain of responsibility from design to installation

However, based on current proposals, we understand that work performed by AMCA members will essentially be untouched by any changes targeting prefabrication. This is because the relevant scopes of work are already covered by the existing regulatory framework. 

Air conditioning, refrigeration, and mechanical services plumbing are considered specialist work and must already be carried out by licensed practitioners, while duct installation work is also likely to be classified as specialist work as part of the licensing reforms.

Similarly, design work of mechanical systems is already captured by the Design and Building Practitioners Act.

AMCA Australia's submission

On 22 December 2023, AMCA submitted an online response regarding the regulation of prefabricated building work.

Based on our understanding that the proposed regulation of prefabricated building work is targeted primarily at residential home buildings, our responses to the consultation questions focus on areas we believe intersect with mechanical services work, including air-conditioning and refrigeration, mechanical services plumbing, duct installation, and mechanical fire and smoke safety systems.

Download AMCA's submission

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