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Published: 8 May 2020

Industrialised Construction: The rebound from COVID-19


A new white paper, Industrialised Construction: The Rebound from COVID-19, encourages leaders from both government and industry to shift towards an industrialised model of construction to help lead the sector through the COVID-19 recovery, simultaneously delivering higher-performing and more sustainable built assets.

Drawing upon ideas from a global panel of industry and academic leaders, Co-authors, Alain Waha and Sumit Oberoi, present 21 recommendations for how to transform the building and construction process. 

The recommendations are framed around four areas: 

  1. the reorganisation of the status-quo operating model; 
  2. use economic stimulus measures to invest in and catalyse innovation;
  3. look for ways to unearth cutting-edge supply chains; and 
  4. prioritise high-performance, low carbon buildings.

Co-author, Alain Waha, said the paper outlines a pathway towards better performing and more sustainable built assets through the mass industrialisation of the building and construction process. 

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restructure the supplier base through waves of integration,” said Mr Waha. “We must direct the COVID-19 stimulus to support companies and invest in aligning their capabilities with the new value chain of industrialised construction.”

Co-author and Executive Director of the AMCA, Mr Sumit Oberoi, emphasised that the industrialisation of the construction process is possible using existing technologies and by drawing upon the experiences of other industries.

 “We believe that digitisation and automation can become business-as-usual for all parts of the supply chain,” Mr Oberoi said. “During these challenging times in the global sector, we can reallocate and upskill employees,” said Sumit Oberoi.

By leveraging technology and adjusting our thinking, Mr Waha expressed optimism that the industry response to the challenges posed by COVID-19 can be transformative.

“The creation of intelligent procurement platforms for live projects, new sources of project finance and the reorganisation of the new supply chain will unearth industrialised construction as the new frontier”.


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The authors wish to express their gratitude to the following organisations for generously sharing ideas and providing feedback:

About the authors

Alain Waha has a passion for building businesses that mobilise technology to bring innovative solutions. His career started in Aerospace and Automotive, deploying new business models and information systems. Alain is the Co-founder of Cogital and works closely with businesses throughout the AEC sector. 

Sumit Oberoi is an enthusiastic industry policy advocate who seeks to promote ways of delivering quality projects through construction innovation. Sumit is employed as Executive Director of the AMCA. 


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