Changes to WA workers compensation laws

17 October 2023

The target commencement date of the modernised Workers Compensation and Injury Management Bill 2023 is 1 July 2024.  

The WA Legislative Council has passed a Bill to modernise workers compensation laws in Western Australia. The Workers Compensation and Injury Management Bill 2023 is a complete rewrite of the workers compensation legislation and is the culmination of an extensive review and consultation process.

The new Act includes recommendations from WorkCover WA's 2014 legislative review report, and replaces the 1981 Act with a modernised statute that provides clarity and certainty for stakeholders.

The target commencement date of the new Act is 1 July 2024 when supporting regulations and administration changes are finalised.

Key changes

  1. Doubling of the medical and health expenses cap (from $73,197 to $146,395) and extending the point at which weekly compensation payments step down (from 13 weeks to 26 weeks);
  2. Covering catastrophic injuries in the workplace so that workers are under the Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme and on the same footing as a person catastrophically injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident (lifetime tailored care and support); and
  3. Amending the Limitation Act 2005 so that workers suffering silicosis are on the same footing as workers with asbestosis.

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Modernised workers compensation laws for WA