Skill shortages across the Mechanical Services HVAC industry

21 March 2022 | SA

The workforce is aging and there are not enough younger people coming through the ranks to fill the void.

This is a concern to industry.  Currently there is minimal promotion of mechanical services in VET in school programs due to the lack of funding for schools to promote and get involved.  Career Expo’s barely mention any possible career in HVAC.  Plumbing and Electrical are the most promoted vocations to schools and it is time we changed this.

AMCA SA Executive Manager has met with Industry Engagement Student Pathways and Careers director to ascertain support from government to enable promotion of the HVAC industry and the careers available in it.
Further, the Executive Manager discussed this with PEER Training and are working on a program to showcase industry to students, VET Co-Ordinators and parents alike in an effort to gain some interest and momentum in the mechanical services apprenticeships.