Mental health resources for Australian workers

Published: 2 December 2020

In recognition of the mental toll that the events of 2020 have taken on Australian workers, the National Mental Health Commission has collaborated with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance to create a series of resources promoting and encouraging mentally healthy workplaces. 

The resources, which are evidence-based and easy to use, are intended to benefit sole traders, small businesses, and medium to large businesses. 

They have been created by mental health experts to provide support to employers and employees who may be experiencing a difficult time, and to assist them in seeking help if needed.

The resources have additionally been developed with input from the ACCI WHS Committee, of which AMCA is a member.

Employers can download these resources, known as the ‘Mentally Healthy Workplaces during COVID-19 Communications Kit,’ on the National Mental Health Commission website

The download contains workplace guides, including a guide on signs to look out for in employees and a mental health conversation guide, as well as supplementary posters that can be displayed in work environments. There are also document templates and social media assets that provide further information and guidance on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The National Mental Health Commission welcomes feedback on these resources and encourages employers to reach out to them with thoughts and suggestions at