NCC CPD compliance course now available

Published: 23 September 2020

The Australian Building Codes Board is excited to announce the release of its first NCC CPD course, tailored for compliance practitioners.

This online course, titled Performance Solutions, has been developed in partnership with industry, government and subject matter experts. The course assists compliance practitioners, such as building surveyors, in verifying and extending their understanding of the National Construction Code (NCC) and the application and assessment of Performance Solutions.

You can subscribe directly to NCC CPD to receive detailed information on when courses are released including information on content, pricing, duration and how you can demonstrate compliance with your continuing professional development requirements.

Please note: Subscription to NCC CPD courses is separate to your NCC login details.

What's next?

Another course in the compliance suite on NCC Evidence of Suitability will be released soon.

In the coming months we'll also be launching NCC CPD courses for other practitioner groups, these being:

  • Design and engineering practitioners including architects, designers, draftspersons, specialists and engineers (including fire and hydraulic); and
  • Construct and install practitioners including builders, plumbers, fire protection practitioners, and site/project managers.

View the course here.