AMCA recognised as leader in digital construction

Published: 11 April 2019

The latest edition of Infrastructure Magazine cites BIM-MEP AUS as a leader of digital construction.

In the March edition of Infrastructure Magazine, an in-depth profile of the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) cited BIM-MEP AUS as a prime example of the benefits that can be achieved by a strategic approach to digital engineering and construction.

Drawing heavily from an interview with Chief Engineer, Dr Collette Burke, the article details how Victoria is using its digital strategy as a launch pad for its ambition to be a future city—leveraging technical tools, specifications, practices and procedures to better public outcomes.

In discussing how the strategy aims to take a collaborative approach to implementation that draws upon existing initiatives, BIM-MEP AUS is cited as a “prime example of where the benefits of digital engineering are already being realised”, and credits the AMCA for being “instrumental in gearing towards a digital future”.

Executive Manager, Shannon Thomas, cited the article as evidence that the vision for BIM-MEP AUS is starting to be realised and is gaining traction right across the industry.

“Dr Burke and her team have made a real effort to engage with the industry. As a result, they have developed a good understanding of the benefits that BIM-MEP AUS brings and we look forward to working with them through their implementation of the strategy”.

AMCA Executive Director, Sumit Oberoi, commended the Victorian Government for their work putting together the VDAS.

“The approach being taken by the Victorian Government is the policy leadership we’ve been crying out for,” Mr Oberoi said.

“We are confident that the strategy will help bridge the policy gap that has prohibited faster and broader adoption of building information and digital engineering practices.”

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