BIM-MEP AUS - Launch New Data Management Tool

Published: 11 April 2019

We are excited to announce a major step forward for managing project and asset data - The new BIM-MEPAUS shared parameter table contains a list of standardised parameters established through the BMA industry workshops. The shared parameter website is ultimately designed to serve three sets of users: 

  • Project and component specification authors; 
  • Revit modellers; and 
  • Data Managers and analysts working off the model. 

 To cater for these groups, a range of filters have been provided that allow searches by:

  • Project Schedules - to help define and communicate project requirements 
  • Shared parameter Groups (defined by BMA) - for easy selection of shared parameters  
  • Data Type - to select parameters by Discipline and Type. 

Parameters will be progressively added by BMA through the development of new component specifications and user proposals. The Shared Parameter text file for Revit will be updated with each version release of the BMA Revit MEP Template Add-in.

For comments in relation to published shared parameters and proposals for new shared parameters, please submit these via the Comments and Proposals page.

The BMA Shared Parameter Guideline provides detailed guidance in relation to the rules BMA uses to name and manage shared parameters. We've also put a simple user guide together to help first time users navigate the shared parameter webpages. The full BMA Shared Parameter text file is available to subscribers for download.